Alison’s Holistic Therapies Massage and Beauty Therapy for Chelmsford

Massage and Holistic Therapies

Body Massage

  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish
  • Myofascaial
    Prescriptive massage, using one or more techniques of Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release to create a massage to suit your aches and pains. £1 per minute- minimum of 30 mins

    LaStone Therapy ™
    Smooth hot basalt stones are used to massage, releasing heat into the tissues. Cold marble stones are used to draw out unwanted heat and toxins from the body, creating balance and promoting a healing response.
    30 Minute - Back Only £35.00
    60 Minute - Full Body £65.00
    90 Minute Full Body, Face and Head £95.00

    LaStone Rose Quartz Facial
    After being cocooned with stones which will relax the whole body and connect you to Mother Earth the face neck and shoulders are massaged with warm basalt and Quartz crystals and wands to stimulate the circulatory system. This will bring new enriched blood to the area , feeding the face, helping to repair and renew facial tissues.

    This is followed by cooled Quartz Crystals and wand which will help tone and stimulate the facial area, helping to strengthen the connective tissue which will in turn reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The skilled use of stones can help with puffiness, aid with lymphatic and sinus drainage as well as helping to elivieate TMJ and other jaw problems.

    LaStone FaceTherapy is the ultimate natural facial using the power of prescriptive application of stones and temperature.
    60 Minutes £45.00

    LaStone Therapeutic DeepStone
    Warm stones are used to relax the muscles, increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. Then cool stones, which are analgesic and anti-inflammatory, work deep into the tissue.
    Prescriptive treatments will be personalised to work on specific areas of concern.
    30 Minute £35.00
    45 Minute £50.00

    Indian Head Massage
    Wonderful, relaxing and calming therapy for the back, neck, head, and face; relieving aches and pains, stress symptoms and insomnia, soothes, comforts and re-balances your energy flow leaving you feeling a deep sense of peaceful calm and tranquility.
    45 minute £35.00

    Aromatic Massage
    Aromatic active essences blended with prescriptive massage oil. Calming body and mind techniques which flow, allowing you to float away in an aromatic haze, The prescriptive massage can energise and gain focus, defend and detox, relax, re-balance and restore.
    30 Minute - £35.00
    60 Minute - £65.00
    90 Minute - £95.00

    LaStone™ ‘Geo-Thermal Ear Candling’ Therapy
    Combined with the warming, relaxing techniques of the warmed basalt, the ear candles are used to alleviate symptoms that may include earaches, sinus infections, hay fever, pressure in the ear caused by flying or swimming as well as general cold symptoms. The cooled stones finish the treatment helping to drain the sinuses and aid lymphatic drainage.

    Foot reflex- Pressure Point Massage
    Using pressure and massage movements to stimulate points on the feet which relate to parts of the body to promote deep relaxation, relieve tension and healing within the body. 60 minutes £40

    Massage Therapy. LaStone Quartz Facial

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